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Changjie filter press in phosphorite filtration field
Application of Changjie filter press in phosphorite filtration field
1 . Market Research

Nowadays, in global phosphorite concentration and tailings field, membrane filter press, ceramic filter press and vertical filter press are adopted, the membrane filter press is in simple structure and low cost, the ceramic filter press is in high automation degree, while the above two kinds of filter press have some weaknesses like high moisture content and low processing capacity, the vertical filter press has high processing capacity, high automation degree and low moisture content, however, it also has weaknesses, for example ,the filter cloth is easily jammed, equipment failure rate and maintenance cost is high, and equipment is easy guniting.

2.Changjie advantages
Compared with membrane and ceramic filter press ,Changjie filter press have obvious advantages like: filter cake with low moisture content and high processing capacity rate per unit.
When compared with vertical filter press, Changjie high efficient filter press has three big advantages :
1)Keep the same moisture content rate with the world famous brand
2)The Changjie filter press unit maximum processing capacity is two times of vertical filter press.
3)Based on the same processing scale, the purchase price and running costs are far more less than the vertical filter press.

3 .  Application cases

Client Yunnan phosphorite group haikou phosphorite Hubei Sanxin phosphorite Guizhou fuquan wengan phosphorite Xingfa Group
Ore to filter Direct-reverse flotation of phosphorite tailings Phosphorite flotation tailings Reverse flotationof phosphorite concentration and tailings Phosphorite tailings
Particle size -200 mesh 93.8% -200 mesh 75% -200 mesh 85% -400mesh 50%
Feeding concentration 28% 25% 25%~35% 50%
Altitude 2200 meters 200 meters 1800 meters 500 meters
Processing scale 2,000,000 t /year 200,000 t/year 150,000 t/year 1,000,000 t /year
Chosen Equipment CJXA high efficient filter press CJXA high efficient filter press CJXA high efficient filter press CJXA high efficient filter press
Moisture content ~14% ~10% ~10% ~9%
Processing capacity
per unit area
96kg/m2h 150kg/m2h 105kg/m2h 123.8kg/m2h